To demonstrate our Christian Love to the unreached and the underprivileged of society.
To transform Nations one person at a time with the view of building prosperous individuals who in turn will positively transform others for tomorrow.


To build facilities in view of equipping people in literacy skills, education and financial empower-ment with the view of alleviation of poverty. We will also build a General / Specialist hospital dedicated to tropical / preventive Medicine, with mobile hospitals to reach the rural areas, educating people on health issues as well as administering treatments to people. We hope to work together with various Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations in embarking on an affordable housing scheme for the low income earners in society.


Jesus city has already begun to create jobs, like this grain store, allowing locals to earn a living for themselves and provide agriculture for the local community.


Apostle Williams is involved in site work, from technical details to oversight of the wider project.


Before any of this amazing work had begun; the land that has been purchased and the blueprints for the astonishing Jesus City were meticulously designed.


Proposed plans for the entrances to the various sides of Jesus City.

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