CFT’s Protocol Team is responsible for providing and maintaining safety within the boundaries of CFT churches.

The Joanna’s are the welcome and hospitality team at Christ Faith Tabernacle International churches.

The Voice of Hope Choir (V.O.H) is a dedicated team of singers that regularly lead CFT in worship times. They are made up of various vocal ranges and continually strive for excellence in musical production.

Tabernacle Women (TW) group was formed by Rev P Oma Williams during the 2011 Women Of Royal Destiny Convention to provide catering and hospitality services for all social events taking place within the churches.

The Susannas of CFT are mature married women who assist with weddings in the church. The group is named after the women in the bible who supported the ministry of Jesus in Luke 8: 2 -3.

Men of God are men who are strong, men who are vigilant, men who know what fatherhood means simply because of their deep and intimate relationship with God the Father.

Headed by CFT’s First Lady, Rev (Mrs) P. Oma Williams, Women of Royal Destiny (WORD) is the functioning arm of the ministry specifically aimed at helping ladies to arise and find their God-given purpose within the church.

At CFT we revere our senior members, knowing that God has placed a mature wisdom within them that is the crown of any church’s ongoing growth and strength.

At CFT we are passionately committed to raising the next generation of children. Through exciting initiatives such as Catch Them Young, our kids (warriors’ arrows) are being fashioned into dynamic world movers and shakers.

The YOUTH OF ROYAL DESTINY (YORD) are some of the most passionate members of CFT. Their dedication is clear through initiatives such as outreaches, feeding the hungry and street evangelism.

At CFT our young adults are encouraged to adapt their mind-sets to one of confidence in themselves and belief in their standing as Children of God.

The Entertainment Teams at CFT are a group of incredibly talented people who are switched on for God. They love nothing more than to use their giftings to entertain, challenge and witness to the extraordinary power of Christ that resides within them.

At CFT we believe strongly that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and we encourage a culture of wisdom and instruction (Proverbs 1:7).

CFT extends its vast ministries into the hearts of those who live outside the gates of its local churches through its team of Chaplains who go beyond the four walls of CFT churches to care for people who are hurting, lonely, in crisis or destitute in our communities, including inmates in prisons, and people held or detained in other institutions.

Ushers are on hand at every service to welcome you. They are available to take all questions and to point you in the right direction.

This group was set up to help develop and nurture the social, academic and God given talents and skills of girls aged between 5–15.

Our determined Armour Bearers have been established due to the fervent belief that we are God's prophetic voice for the end time, anointed to bring the prophetic voice of God to peoples, cities, nations and governments of nations.

In a CFT home group you will have the opportunity to connect with Christians that are already closer than you think! Home groups are regional meetings that take place in a designated members’ home.