In the many decades that my wife and I have been serving God and His Christian Church all over the world, we have lost count of the tens of thousands of lives that we have seen radically changed for the better because of the power of His son, Jesus Christ.

However, many have still never even heard of Jesus. For of those who have, they may not believe that He is relevant to their lives. Some may know Jesus simply as a good man; some may know Him as a prophet from the old days; but I, and over a billion souls around the world, know Him as today’s answer for not only joy and success in this life, but also for eternal joy in the next life.

This firm and unshakeable belief it what has compelled my wife and I to launch Every Home For Jesus. Over the coming years we intend to bring the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into EVERY home across the entire United Kingdom.

Through the aid of printed materials and modern technology we aim to help communities across the UK find answers to their daily challenges in life; witness to them with testimonies from many who have found Jesus; and equip them with the information they need to find Jesus, and a good local church at which to practice their new faith in God.

This ambitious project, to see Jesus at the centre of every home in the the UK, is already underway! If you would like to partner with us, and help the family of God grow, please find the link below where you can donate to the ongoing work.