Our determined Armour Bearers have been established due to the fervent belief that we are God's prophetic voice for the end time, anointed to bring the prophetic voice of God to peoples, cities, nations and governments of nations.

The Armour Bearers are committed to total prophetic discipline i.e. fasting, prayer and the Word.

  • We believe we are part of God's end time army with a mandate of territorial protection.
  • We believe in operation P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens) with every kind of prayer.
  • We are watchmen posted from heaven so we believe in unity with the spirit and one another.
  • We believe in fasting as a weapon to fuel believers authority.
  • We believe in the power of praise to defeat the enemy.
  • We believe in praying prophetically i.e. Spirit inspired, Spirit led, and word based prayer.
  • We believe in using the sword of the Spirit always to defeat the enemy.
  • We never give up (he who lays his hands - our confession).