Crown to Reign, Sceptre to Rule

The Women of Royal Destiny (WORD) is the women's group of Christ Faith Tabernacle Worldwide which equips women to play their role effectively in the church of God and in the world at large. We are committed to excellence in all endeavours and encourage our women to pursue fulfilment in their careers whilst developing a confident and caring attitude.

We continually study the characters of godly women in the Bible and encourage emulation of their good qualities.

Our aim is to:

  • Teach and promote the study of the scriptures with a view to developing women spiritually and equipping them to take their place in the church, in the home and the community.
  • Provide an environment where women-related issues can be discussed with practical and scriptural counsel.
  • Minister to the needs of women as and when required.
  • Promote social interaction by reaching out to the under-privileged in our communities (with love and provision) and organising a variety of group outings.
  • Provide teachings/seminars on a wide range of subjects which aim to equip women in various spheres of life (i.e. personal hygiene, home management, accountability, cookery, sewing).
  • Overall, we aim to raise Godly women who are equipped for life.