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Message From the Apostle


Prophetic Revelation for this Decade

Dearly Beloved,

This is the 2nd decade in the 21st century of the 3rd millennium. It is a very significant year that the Lord has called a Year of Great Revival and every prophecy the Lord has spoken over our lives shall definitely come to pass. However, over the next four years there will be judgement in the world and we should be on the lookout for the following incidents:

Iran will spring a big surprise on Europe, such that Europe will be forced into signing a treaty with Iran.

I see an uprising along the boundary Spain shares with France. A country in the Far East which has been secretly developing an arsenal concealed from the rest of the world will be revealed within the next four years.

On the surface, the United States of America appears to take a strong stance against some nations in the world but it will soon emerge that they have been holding underground talks about alliance with those nations. All these powers must come into unity, not by their own volition, but by the will of He that shapes their fate.

Persecution against Christians will not be as pronounced as it has been in recent times, until the beginning of 2015. From 2015, however, there will be a great uprising against Christians. First, from within the church, that is, one church against the other and then one denomination against another. This will be followed swiftly by governments against the church, enacting laws and decrees that would make it almost impossible to publicly profess one’s faith.

Yours in Christ