Message from Rev. Oma Williams

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Message from Rev. Oma Williams

Hello Ladies!

I have previousIy stated the benefits of developing a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.  This time around, I would like to focus on another essential area, which we can refer to as ‘indispensable characteristics of an accomplished Pastor’s (or Leader’s) wife’.

It is a tremendous privilege and an honour to be called or addressed as a Pastor’s wife, based on the fact that we only find ourselves in such positions by virtue of our marriages to men of honour, be it in secular or spiritual career paths. These sorts of positions cannot be earned through academic excellence or a successful secular career.  It is only God who pre-determines that we will marry our spouses and subsequently become suitable helpers to them in their ministerial or secular roles.  Unlike other positions in the world system, for example, wives of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors and MPs, which are held for a season, a Pastor’s wife’s position specifically remains until death.  Hence, we do our best to ensure we reflect the image and glory of God at all times to the church, striving to become visible examples of our husbands’ sermons and messages.

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Pastors’ and Leaders’ wives should have a humble nature, never domineering or using a commanding tone towards those who labour in the household of faith. They must never be disrespectful to members of their congregation but strive towards earning their respect, rather than demanding it.  In our church, for example, I don’t seek to be acknowledged as the General Overseer’s wife and can often be seen greeting, hugging and embracing members.